Situated inside Town Center and Mahogany Beach, Caribbean Fish Therapy offers guests the opportunity to enjoy this exclusive treatment making your visit to Roatan even more special!

Relaxing atmosphere and sympathy of our fish will make you live a new exciting experience. Caribbean Fish Therapy is the ideal place to offer good mood and an energy boost.





The friends of Caribbean Fish Therapy will be distinguished by their happiness

Children, couples and families can benefit from Caribbean Fish Therapy and have fun or relax in the company of our fish.





The treatment

Fish Pedicure Treatment and Fish Manicure Treatment are unique and sublime in their genre and donate your feet a feeling of deep cleansing and softness to the touch.

With this innovative technique, which is already affirmed to a worldly level, you will be able to get rid of dead skin without recurring to strange chemical agent, and your new beautician will be our little fish! Their little sucker mouths will export dead skin and impurities in a delicate way and particularly pleasing.

Garra Rufa executes a totally natural peeling, it favors cutaneous generation and it stimulates microcirculation. As a result, Fish Pedicure is a treatment indicated even for those who suffer from dermatitis or psoriasis. Regular treatments will alleviate the issues and you will enjoy important benefits such as the regeneration of healthy skin, thanks to the Dithranol enzyme.

Before every treatment the part to be immerged will be cleaned not to alter the fish habitat and as an ulterior safety measure of prevention we clean the seats.


The Garra Rufa Fish

Since these fish do not possess teeth, they liberate obstructed pores by sucking impurities from the skin and stimulate microcirculation. Also exfoliating dead skin and emit a special enzyme the Dithranol which permits the regeneration of healthy skin.

Treatment does present any type of side effects neither for our customers nor for fish, for those to permit to offer for a unique experience, they were not subtracted from their natural habitat; they actually originate from certified breeding and raised with every health regulations.


The seats

Seating and immerging feet in the tanks especially created to accommodate this exclusive treatment you will be able to benefit from comfort, relax and security.

Scrupulous towards hygiene and preoccupied by the health of fish and people has pushed us toward consulting specialists of the sector in line with hygienic sanitary rules defined by HPA: Health Protection Agency.

Tanks were projected by modern technology and security approved standards, which guarantee a comfortable seating. Water not only is being periodically changed, it is also constantly purified by an efficient filtering system and UV sterilization.


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"You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need"






Whoever experiences Fish Pedicure for the first time cannot but feel charmed by it and that is what happened to us when we found ourselves inside the first FISH SPA that we had ever seen. After the treatment we were ecstatic, it was a wonderful experience and the massages done by Garra Rufa minnows had a positive effect on our mood and left a unique sensation.

We were captured by the sublime effect of the treatment so were invaded by the idea to open our own center.

The first we opened is located in Italy, in Milano Marittima, seaside area of prestige. After a fantastic trip to the Caribbean, we decided to open our second center in West Bay Beach, Roatan, Honduran island immersed in the Caribbean Sea. Actually we are located in both cruise ship port: Town Center (Coxen Hole) and Mahogany Beach (Mahogany Bay)


Mirko and Stefania







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